Chrysanthemum-Shaped Chinese Pies

One of the best reasons for green living is to slow down and revel in life. Even with the fast pace of our modern world, you can achieve this. We have to take a step back and fix diseases before they happen. The majority of individuals think nothing of not taking care of their bodies today and fixing them with a pill later. We're bombarded with advertisements for magic pills that are supposed to fix any problem right away. Naturally, some of these pills do help but only if you couple them with shift in your lifestyle. As soon as your body wears out, you cannot trade it in for a new one, like your car. You need to learn how to look after your health the soonest you can. Proper nutrition is essential for your body to work at best levels. chrysanthemum-shaped chinese pies.

When you eat, do you eat out of convenience or taste without determining if what you are eating is healthy for you? How many times a week do you eat at your local fast food place or purchase junk food at the local convenience store? Consuming sugar and starches, and fatty foods, is it any surprise that new diseases are being discovered all of the time? More and more folks are developing diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases due to the foods they consume. People are recognizing the importance of their food choices and are becoming more health conscious. Now it is a lot easier to find quality foods by purchasing from a local farmer's market or health food store.Chrysanthemum-Shaped Chinese Pies.

Chrysanthemum-Shaped Chinese Pies, Majority of grocery stores now sell organic foods. This aisl is full of what are today recognized as superfoods. Superfoods are 14 specific foods that can retard or reverse certain serious illnesses. You will discover that you think more clearly when you start to consume these superfoods. Once you replace the junk food with the superfoods, you will see an astonishing increase in how healthy you feel. Giving your body the nutrition it requires will help it to function well. As a result, it will enable your immune system to ward off disease more efficiently.

The crispy chrysanthemum with bean paste is a delicious pastry. The cuisine belongs to Shandong cuisine. It is made of pie tarts. It tastes crisp but not greasy.

To initiate with this recipe, we should first prepare a few element. You can cook chrysanthemum-shaped chinese pies using 12 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you can achieve that.

The ingredients needed to make Chrysanthemum-Shaped Chinese Pies:
  1. Take Outer dough:
  2. Make ready 75 grams Bread (strong) flour
  3. Get 75 grams Cake flour
  4. Take 55 grams Shortening (softened)
  5. Take 15 grams Sugar
  6. Make ready 70 ml Water
  7. Make ready Inner dough:
  8. Prepare 110 grams Cake flour
  9. Prepare 40 grams Shortening (softened)
  10. Get Filling:
  11. Make ready 300 grams Tsubu-an (store-bought)
  12. Make ready 3 pieces Dried apricot (finely chopped)

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Guide to initiate Chrysanthemum-Shaped Chinese Pies:
  1. Make the outer dough. Place the ingredients into a bowl. Add water and mix together. Knead well with your hands until smooth. Place the dough on a cloth and let it sit.
  2. Make the inner dough. Place the ingredients into a bowl and combine. Knead until the dough is smooth and no longer sticky.
  3. Divide both the outer and inner dough into 15 portions each. Wrap the outer dough around the inner dough. Tightly seal the seam.
  4. Place the seam on the bottom and use a rolling pin to roll into an oval.
  5. Roll starting from the point farthest away to the point closest to you.
  6. Turn it so that it faces sideways and roll it out one more time starting from the rolled end.
  7. Roll.
  8. Roll it out one more time from the rolled end.
  9. Fold into 3 layers. This completes the cake dough.
  10. Finish making the cakes. Roll the dough out into a circle. Fill with the tsubu-an and wrap it up.
  11. Place the seam on the bottom and tightly seal it closed. Flatten it out and roll it into a circle. Use scissors to make 7-8 cuts in the top. Twist the slits so the the cut ends face upwards.
  12. Place a piece of dried apricot in the centers and then line them up on a baking sheet. Bake in a preheated 200°C oven for 15 minutes.
  13. Done.

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Your daily diet have to contain at least several of these super foods. Why not eat several beans or blueberries? Eat some green tea or spinach or broccoli. Walnuts and whole grains are a couple of other foods to include. Also, you should have yogurt, soy, pumpkins, oranges, and tomatoes, together with salmon and turkey. By eating these superfoods daily, you should eliminate any weight gain problems.

You will enjoy good health when you opt to eat the green living way. Your body will become disease free as you build up your immune system. You can anticipate a healthy future by altering your food choices right now.