Chutney puri

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Bhel puri is a slightly sweet, spicy & sour tasting chaat snack made with puffed rice, chaat chutneys, veggies & Sev. It is a very popular street food & is mostly loved by everyone. Bhel puri, Pav bhaji & vada pav are some that have originated in Mumbai & became one of the most loved chaat snacks across India. Green chutney for chaat recipes - a quick chutney that can be added to many chaat snacks like sev puri, ragda patties, bhel puri and samosa chole.

To create with this recipe, we have to first prepare a few ingredients. You can have chutney puri using 25 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you invent that.

The ingredients needed to make Chutney puri:
  1. Make ready as needed Golgappa puri
  2. Take For ragda
  3. Get 1 cup white peas(3/4hour soked)
  4. Prepare 1 potato
  5. Get 12 spoon salt
  6. Make ready 14 spoon turmric powder
  7. Make ready 2 spoon oil
  8. Get 1 spoon ginger garlic paste
  9. Prepare 1 onion chopped
  10. Prepare 1 tomato chopped
  11. Prepare 1 spoon red chilli powder
  12. Take 1 spoon cumin coriander powder
  13. Prepare 1 tsp pavbhaji masala
  14. Prepare 12 tsp garam masala
  15. Make ready to taste Salt
  16. Take As needed Water
  17. Make ready For platting
  18. Take 1 bowl curd beaten
  19. Prepare 1 bowl turmrind chutney
  20. Get 1 bowl green chutney
  21. Make ready 1 bowl sev
  22. Get 1 chopped onion
  23. Prepare 1 chopped tomato
  24. Take 1 spoon chaat masala
  25. Get As needed Chopped coriander leaves

It is often used in Indian Cuisine, especially for chaats like pani puri, bhel puri sev puri, for samosa, for sandwiches, kathi rolls, frankie and variety of Indian snacks. Sev puri recipe with sweet chutney (dates chutney) recipe. I have an endless love towards chat items… Right from my childhood days I love all the chat items… And after long time I tried this today,a real treat for my taste buds!! I referred vah chef for the puri recipe and Priya's blog for sweet chutney.

Guide to invent Chutney puri:
  1. Take white peas,chop potato pressure cook up to 4 whishels.
  2. Take pan pour oil to make heat add chopped onion, ginger garlic paste let it be until change colour to pink,add tomato saute well up totometo get mossy.
  3. Add all dry masala and keep mixing for 1 min,add boiled peas and mix well add little water and let it boil well,put 1 spoon chopped coriander leaves.ragda is ready.
  4. Take plate place puri in the plate make whole add ragda, add curd,turmric chutney,green chutney onion, tomato, chopped coriander leaves, sprincal chaat masala.spread sev on top.
  5. Ready to serve.when you serve make that time.

I have an endless love towards chat items… Right from my childhood days I love all the chat items… And after long time I tried this today,a real treat for my taste buds!! I referred vah chef for the puri recipe and Priya's blog for sweet chutney. Chutney is a common ingredient in making chaat recipes like Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, Ragda Pattice or Paani Puri. I am sharing various types of Chutney for Chaat recipes which are easy to make and with fewer ingredients. You can use these chutneys in making all types of Chaat, like Green Chutney, Red Garlic Chutney and Sweet Tamarind and Date Chutney.

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